AviationKnowledge Research Program

Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS)
University of Colorado at Boulder

Dr. Peter G. Polson, Principal Investigator
Dr. Marilyn Hughes Blackmon, co-Principal Investigator
Richard Brown, M.S., Computer Science, consultant
Karl Fennell, M.A., consultant, subject matter expert

Contact: blackmon@colorado.edu, phone 303-859-5060

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Aviation Cognitive Walkthrough LSA tools

LSA tools: Similarity of meaning (LSA cosine)

Confusable headings/links analysis: Matrix of LSA cosines

One-to-many comparison: LSA cosines

Coherence tool for sentence-to-sentence coherence within a paragraph or longer text

Paragraph-to-paragraph coherence tool


LSA tools: Elaborate with background knowledge (LSA near neighbors)

Elaborate links: Find LSA near neighbors with minimum word frequency and minimum cosine


LSA tools: Word frequency (frequency within selected LSA semantic space)

Frequency analysis: Find frequency of words/terms in semantic space

Find all low frequency words in a paragraph or multi-paragraph text


LSA tools: Depth of meaning for a concept (LSA term vector length)

Unfamiliar headings/links analysis: LSA term vector lengths


Convenient combinations of 2 LSA tools

Goal-specific competing headings/links analysis: Elaborate links + One-to-many comparison


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