AviationKnowledge Research Program

Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS)
University of Colorado at Boulder

Dr. Peter G. Polson, Principal Investigator
Dr. Marilyn Hughes Blackmon, co-Principal Investigator
Matthew A. Koch, graduate student, Computer Science
Richard Brown, M.S., Computer Science, consultant
Karl Fennell, M.A., consultant, subject matter expert

Contact: blackmon@colorado.edu, phone 303-859-5060

Aviation Cognitive Walkthrough LSA Tools -- Run analyses using individual LSA tools to predict pilot actions, selecting a particular version of the ExpertPilot or CDUskills semantic spaces

Aviation Cognitive Walkthrough (ACW) -- Run analyses on a highly automated interface tailored for predicting pilot performance on Control Display Unit (CDU) tasks

PilotLSA website -- offers information about the documents contained in two distinct aviation corpora, -- ExpertPilot and CDUskills -- and the variants of these semantic spaces. Many pages in this website are password protected. If you are an aviation researcher or NASA program manager who needs to see the lists of documents contained in the ExpertPilot and CDUskills semantic spaces, obtain a username and password by emailing Dr. Marilyn Hughes Blackmon, blackmon@colorado.edu


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